SPOILERS AHEAD! In this comic, we see what truly drove Kylo Ren to embrace the power of the dark side.


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The real reason Kylo Ren turned to the dark side [SPOILERS AHEAD]

Okay, so if I haven't made you listen to me blab on about Dad Joke Han Solo yet, let me do so now.

Dad Joke Han Solo is a parody Twitter account I created BECAUSE I wrote this comic. The rough timeline goes something like this.

Dec 27 - My dad, sister and I all go to see The Force Awakens. My dad is big ham, and enjoying the movie with him got me thinking about what Han Solo would be like as a father. I wrote down the idea to explore in a future script.

Jan 11 - Dad Joke Han Solo becomes a full script and I send it to Aaron. But I have so many jokes I couldn't fit into the script! I keep them in a text file in case I get a chance to use them later.

Jan 12, 6:00 pm - I create a secret Dad Joke Han Solo Twitter account because I want to reserve the name in case I decide to post my jokes there. I make a few confused Tweets as Han trying to understand Twitter and then close it down for the night.

Jan 13

Jan 14 - Dad Joke Han Solo has spread to Buzzfeed, Mashable, Distractify and too many other places to list. I am Tweeting a lot, but behind the scenes, I am compiling a massive buffer of Tweets. Literally a list of 150-200 extras, although some are variations on the same core joke. People Tweet or message me jokes and I save them in a separate file so I can attribute them from my @rockpapercynic account.

Jan 15, 1:00a - Sometime around now Dad Joke Han Solo passes 10,000 followers.

Jan 16 - God, the Facebook page, says he approves of Dad Joke Han Solo and posts about it on Facebook. By the end of the night, the follower count is at 16,000.


If you want to follow the madness, please follow @dadjokehansolo and consider retweeting your favorites!